About the Branch

Due to the geographical expansion in the Northern Borders Province, the three departments of the Awayqila Branch were established. 1- The Department of Computer Science, 2- The Department of Chemistry, 3- The Department of English Language. The branch has several computer and scientific laboratories that serve the educational process and improve learning outcomes to prepare a generation that meets the labor market requirements and promotes the Kingdom's development.


Dr. Nowair Al-blowy
Vice President of Awayqila Branch
فرع الجامعة بالعويقيلة


Department of Computer Science

Chemistry Department

Department of Languages and Translation

Department of Computer Science

Vision and Mission


Excellence in education and scientific research in basic sciences and their applications to serve the community.


Providing basic and applied sciences programs and distinctive scientific research that meets the region's needs and contributes to the development of society.


  • Providing educational programs in basic and applied sciences that meet the labor market requirements.
  • Increasing scientific research.
  • Promoting community partnership.
  • Obtaining program academic accreditation.